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Tips For Holding A Special Event In A Brewery

If you're looking for a fun and casual place to hold a special event for a 21+ crowd, a local brewery may be your answer. Although it's not a conventional event venue, a brewery may just be the perfect place for your party. 

You can hold a wide range of special events at a brewery, such as adult holiday celebrations and birthdays, anniversary soirees, wedding receptions, business get-togethers, and bridal showers. Breweries are convenient as they will also provide onsite entertainment. Guests can mix and mingle as they take a comprehensive tour of the brewery to see how all of their favorite local beer is made, and then sample some of them in the taproom. 

Since guests will most likely be consuming alcoholic beverages during the event, be sure to designate sober drivers or provide party-goers with a list of ride options. This is especially important if you have out-of-town guests who aren't familiar with the area. Some hotels and resorts will also provide transportation for guests.

Here are some additional tips and ideas for hosting a special occasion at a brewery:

1. Book far in advance. If the brewery is a popular spot, be sure to book the venue space as far in advance as possible. Some establishments may have a special events coordinator that you can work with to make sure the party goes smoothly.

Ask if there is a designated special event space, such as a private room or patio that you can reserve. If it's a small brewery and you have a large party, you may need to book the entire space for the day or evening. 

Inquire as to what is included in the price, such as brewery tours and beer samples. In some cases, you may get a group discount. 

2. Figure out catering options.  If you'd like to serve food during your event, you'll need to decide whether you will make and bring the food yourself, or hire a catering company. Some breweries have an attached restaurant selling casual fare, as well as the local brews. 

3. Decide on decorations. When booking the event space, ask if outside decorations are allowed in the brewery. To give the venue a more personalized flair, consider hanging balloons, or even set up a balloon arch in a doorway. Pick colors that coordinate with the overall theme of the event, such as red and green for a Christmas celebration.

Other easy decorative touches include festive plastic tablecloths and napkins, floral centerpieces, and candles. 

For more information, contact a brewery near you.