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Enjoying Better Restaurants

When I started thinking more seriously about traveling full time for work, I knew that zeroing in on the best restaurants would probably make my experience a lot better. I started reading more and more restaurant reviews and checking out articles from restaurant critics talking about how to find great places to eat. It really made a big difference, to the point of me being able to gain a little weight on the road. Check out this blog to find out how to find great restaurants and enjoy better food. You never know, it could make your next date or business trip a lot better.

Dazzle Them: How To Make Your Banquet Room Stand Out

For guests who are looking for a special place to celebrate their big day, banquet rooms make the perfect venue to host their event. From weddings to birthday parties, all types of occasions can be held in this space. Transforming your own banquet room into a space that will produce memories to last for a lifetime is the ultimate goal. Here are just a few ideas to incorporate into your banquet space that will truly be a hit and impress guests!

Dazzle the Eyes

When guests enter your banquet room, you'll want them to be dazzled. Finding the right lighting will go far in creating an atmosphere that is magical and elegant. Chandeliers and ambient lighting are an excellent addition to any banquet space to help illuminate the area and add a classic touch. Another easy way to incorporate more light into the banquet hall is using candles. Soft and romantic, candles offer a simple and natural source of light that instantly transforms any space into a welcoming and warm environment. For those on a budget, simple twinkle lights can make all the difference as well!

Incorporate Nature

Banquet rooms can seem to transport guests into another world. In addition to lighting, consider adding touches of nature for a beautiful and classic touch. If going for a more rustic look, green plants placed throughout the banquet hall or hanging from walls will add a subtle touch of nature. For tabletops, include vases filled with fresh flowers or lively plants for a fresh and uplifting look. Depending on the occasion, flowers can be switched out to accommodate the proper mood. Romantic occasions including anniversary celebrations or wedding receptions, for example, would be the perfect events to display bouquets of white, pink, or red roses. On the other hand, something like wildflowers would add a whimsical touch to an event and will be a pleasant visual for guests to enjoy. 

Plan Your Space Well

Another factor to keep in mind when prepping your banquet space is to plan out the area beforehand. Factors such as occasion, time of day, whether or not a catering event will be hosted or group size can all contribute to how to effectively plan out a banquet space. Using partitions can be a fantastic way to divide up the room to allow for easier access to different areas for guests. Specialized events such as a photo booth or dance floor, for example, should be separated properly from the dining area. Sliding wall dividers, screens and even drapes can all make for excellent ways to partition any banquet hall and are extremely convenient to set up.