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Enjoying Better Restaurants

When I started thinking more seriously about traveling full time for work, I knew that zeroing in on the best restaurants would probably make my experience a lot better. I started reading more and more restaurant reviews and checking out articles from restaurant critics talking about how to find great places to eat. It really made a big difference, to the point of me being able to gain a little weight on the road. Check out this blog to find out how to find great restaurants and enjoy better food. You never know, it could make your next date or business trip a lot better.

2 Venues Where You Can Hold Your Wedding Reception

If you are getting ready to get married, there are a lot of things that you are going to need to do. One of them is to find a venue for your reception. You want it to be the perfect place that reflects you and your partner and your tastes. There are several places where you may consider having your reception. 


One thing you can do is to rent a function room at a hotel. There are a lot of benefits to doing this. One is that the hotel may have in-house catering that you can utilize so that you don't have to hire a separate caterer. Another benefit is that you can book a hotel room so that, when you are done at your reception, you can just go upstairs and relax and enjoy. You can also use a hotel as a one-stop shop and have your wedding there, then have a cocktail hour so that the room can get changed over for your reception, and then have the reception, all without anyone having to leave. 


Another option you have is to rent out a restaurant. There are also a lot of benefits to picking this option for your reception. One of them is that the staff is already used to feeding and serving a large number of people at the same time. They should be able to get any meals or appetizers out for your guests pretty quickly and easily. Another benefit is that using a restaurant for your reception can make it easy for you to limit your guest list because only so many people can fit into the restaurant. If you have family pressuring you to make your wedding and your reception larger, and trying to get you to invite your auntie's cousin's sister's brother's roommate's boy, you have a built-in excuse that there just isn't going to be the space for them to be there. If you are already having a tiny wedding, you may not have to rent out the entire restaurant, but see if they have a special occasion room or an area you can reserve for you and your reception. 

If you are going to be getting married, there are so many things for you to think about. Where you are going to have your reception is just one of those things. You have a lot of choices ahead of you. For more help, contact a company like The Cedar Door today.