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How To Keep Crawfish Alive A Day Or Two Longer

You need to keep your crawfish alive before you eat them. The best way to have crawfish is to cook them immediately after you've purchased them. They taste the best when they are cooked very fresh. However, if you need to keep them for a day or two, you will need to keep them alive.

Keep Them in the Original Sack

Keep the crawfish in the sack they originally came in. Rinse the sack with water. Otherwise, they will dry out. While they need to be moist, you do not want to cover the crawfish with too much water. Also, do not store the sack standing up.

Store Them in an Ice Chest or Plastic Tub

To keep the crawfish alive, place them in a large ice chest or a large plastic tub. Then, place a soaking wet towel over the sack in the chest. Then, place a bag of ice cubes or cool gel packs over the sack. Keep the crawfish in a cool, dark location away from the wind.

Keep Them Cool

Periodically place a few ice cubes uncovered on top. The ice cubes will help keep the crawfish cool and will also allow moisture to escape, keeping the crawfish moist. Change the gel pack or bag of ice every few hours.

Do not place the crawfish in water because you will drown them. Also, do not place them in a refrigerator. If the temperature of the water for the crawfish would be too cold for you, it will also be too cold for them.

Keep Them in a Safe Place

Make sure to keep the bag away from children or pets. Do not store them outside where they might attract wild animals.

Cook and Serve Them

When you are ready to soak the crawfish, place them in water for 20-30 minutes. During the final cleaning, add salt to prepare them for cooking. They can be cooked by placing them in a cooking basket and submerging them in boiling water for 15 minutes. Then, you should turn the heat off and allow them to simmer for at least 15 minutes.

You may have crawfish by themselves. If you'd like to make a more traditional dish, serve them with potatoes and corn.

Rather than worrying about whether you can keep your crawfish alive, consider taking a trip to a nearby crawfish restaurant. Then, you can enjoy the sweet meat of crawfish without the hassle. Contact a company like the crawfish man for more information and assistance.