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Find An Avant Garde Italian Restaurant That Offers Fresh Takes On Classic Dishes

One of the best things about eating Italian food is that the classics never go out of style. You can love a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs just as much the 100th time you eat it as you did the first time. However, you may occasionally have the opportunity to dine at an Italian restaurant that offers fresh twists on classic dishes. This doesn't mean that you need to forget about the classics, but you can enjoy savoring something new. Take the Italian classic of chicken parmesan or, technically, chicken parmagiana. Here are some twists on this dish that you might come across.

Chicken Parm Balls

On some Italian restaurant menus, you may come across chicken parm balls — a playful take on the classic dish of chicken parmesan. Instead of being butterflied and pounded into thin cutlets, and then breaded, the chicken is ground and formed into balls. It's then breaded with bread crumbs and a mixture of classic Italian spices, and then pan fried or deep fried. The balls are then placed atop a bowl of pasta with tomato sauce, and the two dish is sprinkled with parmesan and other cheeses, and then melted under the broiler until they're gooey.

Gluten-Free Chicken Parm

Those who must adhere to a gluten-free diet will often struggle to find meals to eat at Italian restaurants, but you may find a gluten-free restaurant in your community that specializes in gluten-free twists on classic care. Chicken parm can work as a gluten-free dish in a couple different ways. A simple approach is to bread it with gluten-free bread crumbs — perhaps made from rice or potato flour — and then serve it with gluten-free pasta. Sometimes, you'll find this dish unbreaded — it's pan fried, topped with marinara sauce and cheese, and then set over a dish of zucchini curls that mimic pasta.

Chicken Parm Wrap

Some restaurants offer chicken parm as a wrap, meaning that you'll be able to enjoy this twist on an Italian classic without having to use a knife and spoon. Often devoid of pasta, this dish consists of the breaded chicken cutlet, marinara sauce, and cheese, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and often served with a side salad. This meal can be perfect for those on the go, as they'll enjoy the classic taste of chicken parmesan but in a convenient way to eat. Try some different takes on not only this dish, but some other Italian restaurant classics, and you'll likely find some winners.

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