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Make Your Own Restaurant Style Rainbow Roll Cake

When you visit a restaurant, you are presented with a wide variety of perfectly baked desserts.  The cake or treat you choose finishes off your meal, but you may be left wondering how some of the desserts are made.  Rainbow cakes and cupcakes are some of the most popular restaurant desserts right now.  You can actually make a rainbow roll cake at home, and the directions below show you how.

What You Need

Cake and frosting ingredients:

  • One white cake mix 
  • Water, oil, and eggs (read directions on cake mix to find out what you need)
  • One cup of butter
  • Two cups of confectioners' sugar
  • Three teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • Five assorted colors of gel food coloring

Kitchen supplies:

  • Large bowls
  • Small bowls
  • Spoons
  • Five Ziploc bags
  • One deep baking sheet or jelly-roll pan
  • Waxed paper
  • Scissors
  • Towel 

Prepare Your Cake Mix

1. Mix the white cake mix in a large bowl according to the instructions on the box.  Add two-thirds of the amount of oil or water called for to create a firm batter.

2. Set your five small bowls on a table and use a spoon to evenly divide the cake batter into each one.  Add a different shade of gel food coloring to every bowl.  Make sure to use a clean spoon when adding the coloring and mix it in.  If colors are not bright enough, add more of the gel until you reach the desired tone.

3. Open up your Ziploc bags and place a different color batter in each one.  Secure the bags and set them aside.

Make the Cake

1. Measure and cut out a piece of waxed paper so it sits flat on the bottom of your cooking pan.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees or to the temperature indicated on the back of the cake mix container.

2. Cut off one corner on the bottom of each Ziploc bag holding your cake batter.  Choose one bag and squeeze out the mix and create a vertical line along the short edge of the cake pan.  Make the line one inch wide and fill the pan one-quarter inch from the top.

3.  Continue creating strips with your batter, and alternate between the different colored bags to create a rainbow.  Make sure the batter touches, but do not let the colors mix.

4. Place the cake pan in the oven and let your cake bake for about 15 minutes.  Check the cake every five minutes to make sure it does not become dry or brown on the top.  Stick a toothpick in the middle of the cake when you think it is done.  If the toothpick comes out clean then take the cake out of the oven.

Create the Roll

1. Place a clean towel on your table that is a few inches wider and taller than your cooking pan.  Flip the warm rainbow cake on to the towel.  Gently remove the waxed paper from the bottom of the cake.

2. Starting at one end, roll the towel inward to form your cake.  Place the cake in your refrigerator for 45 to 60 minutes to let it cool.

3. Create your frosting by mixing one cup softened butter, two cups confectioners' sugar, and three teaspoons of vanilla extract in a bowl.  

4. Remove your cake from the refrigerator once it is done cooling.  Slowly unroll the cake and try to keep seams from cracking.  Spread your frosting evenly over the top of the cake and use your fingers to roll the cake again.  

5. Place your rainbow roll cake on a flat plate and set it in the refrigerator until the frosting hardens.

Rainbow cakes and desserts are created by restaurants that want to serve their patrons unique treats.  You do not need to eat out to enjoy a brightly colored cake though, because you can easily make your own at home. Go to for more information.