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Creative Event Banquet Room Decorating Ideas

If you're looking for a spacious and convenient space to hold your next special event in, consider renting an event banquet room. Many restaurants offer banquet rooms, so check with your favorite local or destination eatery when choosing the perfect venue. 

Since they're typically versatile and offer plenty of flexible space, banquet rooms are ideal for hosting a wide range of special events and occasions. Some ideas include kids' and adults' birthday parties, anniversary and graduation soirees, baby and bridal showers, family reunions, holiday celebrations, and wedding receptions. 

Renting a restaurant banquet room for an event may save you time and money because everything you need to hold a successful party is under one roof. For instance, not only will you get plenty of space for your guests to mix and mingle, the eatery may also offer a discounted prix fixe menu. You'll also have the option of allowing guests to order off of the menu, or choose one type of food, such as pizza or pasta, to feed the entire crowd.

Although banquet rooms typically provide all of the essential items, such as tables and chairs, you can personalize the space using decorations. The following are some creative event decor ideas to consider.

1. Decorative Linens 

Jazz up basic dinner table and chair sets with decorative, eye-catching linens. As one idea, cover long tables with white tablecloths and add a pop of color with runners that reflect a specific theme or holiday. For instance, give the space a festive look with red and green runners at a Christmas party. 

For a wedding reception, choose linens that match the overall scheme, such as silver for a winter wonderland-inspired space, or yellow or green for an English garden-themed look. Choose linen chair covers in matching colors to create a cohesive appearance throughout the space. 

2. Table Centerpieces 

Another way to give a basic banquet room more personalization is through the use of table centerpieces. The arrangements will become the focal point of the room and are easy to customize according to specific event decor themes or color schemes.

You can't go wrong with either fresh or faux floral bouquets in decorative vases. Get creative with the blooms and create unique arrangements that reflect the overall look of the space, such as tropical flowers for an island- or beach-inspired celebration. Fill colorful glass vases with birds of paradise, hydrangeas, blue passion flowers, and hibiscus. 

As another option, use candles to give the tables both visual interest and plenty of ambiance. Go with tall taper candles in elegant silver or gold holders, or place floating votives in water-filled bowls as two ideas. 

Keep these decorating tips in mind when looking to rent an event banquet room.